14 February 2010


There's that moment in horror films, especially in zombie films, where you have to get from "What's happening?" to "This is what's happening and what now?" It's the info-dump scene, the exposition, the reveal, the As You Know, Bob. Anyway, that moment in Pontypool feels a little bit weak, kind of glossed over.

But the rest of it, right up my alley. For the most part it's legitimately creepy and scary, and the acting is solid (Stephen McHattie is amazing, and that voice: perfect!) and the story mostly works. It's scarier being trapped in the booth with our heroes than it would be running around in fields wielding torches and chainsaws. I'm a big fan of word-salad, dadaism, cut-up technique, all that stuff, but I also have an overdeveloped respect for the power of words that maybe borders on fear... so word-salad zombies really works for me.

I have to admit, though: I don't know how to interpret the end. I think I'll go read some online stuff and see if I'm the only one who was left a little confounded.

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