07 February 2010

Bottle Rocket

"Dignan, you know what'll happen if you go back there."
"No I don't. They'll never catch me. 'Cause I'm fuckin' innocent."

I know Wes Anderson has gone to this well a couple times too many, but I don't know any better tribute to delusions of grandeur and self-delusion in general than his first film. This was my first time rewatching it since... oh, I'd say since just around The Royal Tanenbaums. Before that I watched the hell out of this, so I remembered it pretty well.

Watching tonight for structure, I enjoyed the act two switcheroo from heist movie to laying low at the hotel, but the second half of act two (or act three if you want to break it into four parts, which sort of suits this better) with Mr. Henry and the build-up to the frozen food factory heist... it's pretty sloppy. Picks back up for the heist itself and the fantastic end with Dignan in jail, though. It's true what the fictional McKee says in Adaptation: if you nail the ending your audience will forgive a lot.

Also: for someone so well-known for his soundtracks, it's odd that the credits music for Bottle Rocket sounds like some royalty-free version of the Sims soundtrack or something.

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