08 February 2010

Miller's Crossing

Now that I'm logging every movie I watch, I'm curious how many times certain movies will show up on this list, and this is definitely one you'll see pop up again and again, I'm sure. I'm focusing on what each character wants per scene, and this one's a wonderful puzzle. In any scene it's as plain as day what Tom wants, but it's almost impossible to know his endgame, even when it's all played out.

I can't watch this now without thinking of screenwriter Todd Alcott's great analysis of it. All the hat references, the jungle, the "matter of ethics," the weird and pervasive homosexuality in neo-noir prohibition gangster-land.

It's practically a truism to say the Coens deserve the epithet of "genius" or that their films are dense and brilliant, so instead I'll just say: this particular Coen Brothers film rubs me just right.

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