13 June 2010

In the Mouth of Madness

Boy, I've got a lot less to say about this one. In a way, it's got a lot in common with Splice: the big-picture story is pretty interesting, and some of the beats along the way are clever and good, but where Splice is pretty tightly scripted and beautifully performed, Madness here is chaotic to the point of gibberish and hammy to the point of camp. I'm a fan of Sam Neill and David Warner -- and hell, this has got Heston in a small role -- but there's just not much here to work with. It's just kind of a sloppy mess.

Once again, I like the whole Lovecraftian thing, and this, like The Mist, is almost explicitly Lovecraftian, but once again the story is so absurdly handled, badly written and acted, lackadaisically plotted, that it just wastes the clever set-up and the good ideas. It just --- it's another waste of Cthulhu-esque horror. Oh well.

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