20 June 2010

Boogie Nights

It's almost four in the morning and I should have been in bed hours ago. But I'm not, and partly that's because Boogie Nights is such a gripping movie. You're never bored for a single frame of this film. The ensemble here works so well, but it's undeniably Eddie/Dirk/Brock's story (I love that this film has Mark Wahlberg playing Eddie Adams playing Dirk Diggler playing Brock Landers), and P.T. Anderson captures that sort of enervating patheticness with more life and energy than any other filmmaker working today. Vulnerability and strong, deeply lived-in characters. There is no question why he's one of my favorites.

I'd say more, or try to tie those thoughts together, but like I said, it's almost 4am. Cut me some slack here.

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