03 April 2010

Bonnie and Clyde

Had the privilege of watching this with a certain critic friend for his column, and though I'd seen it a couple times before, this time I felt like I was getting it more. The characters are rich and dynamic, and over time not just do they evolve but so does the core relationship between our title two. I want to begin a sentence with, "This film is really about..." but it's such a rich film, that sentence could end any number of ways. You could say it's really a film about family. Or it's really a film about class distinctions and mistrusting both the authority and the media. Or a film about film, like how Hollywood depicted sex and violence at the time or how the French New Wave was changing everything. Or any number of things.

But for my money, tonight at least, it was really a film about the meaning and development of genuine love (as literalized by, of all things, Warren Beatty's ability to perform the sex act). And it made me wish I hadn't just shelved a certain script, because it's the perfect piece of research for it.

On a personal note, my thoughts tonight are even more scattered than usual, as roughly halfway through trying to make semi-cohesive thoughts I got to stop and have a mopping-hardwood adventure chasing down all the cat-shit paw-prints trailing around my bedroom. It feels sort of like my thoughts were cut short tonight; that's why.

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