27 March 2010

The Room (with Rifftrax)

This gets more of an honorable mention than a full entry here. Full disclosure: I watched this while very drunk on whiskey, having been fed a hash brownie, with the Rifftrax audio commentary running, and at some point well after three in the morning.

Which, incidentally, is just about the most natural way to view this film there is. And that sums the experience up, I'd say.

All I can add is: the Rifftrax guys didn't try very hard here, and you can't blame them. Recording hilarious commentary for The Room is more often than not an exercise in keeping your mouth shut and letting the film speak for itself. (Since Rifftrax are obviously delivered separate from the actual video to you, they will occasionally speak a line from the film directly along with it so you know you're in sync. This is a clever low-tech way to keep everything moving, but I'd never listened to a Rifftrax before, and it was the fourth or fifth time they did this before I realized what they were doing. I just thought they were repeating the line because the line was funnier and weirder than any joke they could possibly make about it.)

The same night we also watched Antitrust, with some computer-savvy friends' running their own commentary over the top, but by then I was barely paying attention, so I figure it doesn't really count.

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